Chicken Recipes

Kare Ayam

Kare Ayam Kare Ayam is Indonesian chicken curry and is usually served on Eid day. This curry is not thick as Indian or Thai curry. Prep Time10 min Cook Time40 min Total Time50 min Course Main Course Soup Ingredients 500-grams chicken thigh 100 ml coconut milk 6 shallots 2 cloves of garlic 3 candlenuts 3 […]

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Ayam Suwir

Ayam Suwir Ayam Sisit or Ayam Suwir is a Balinese Cuisine Made from Spicy Chunks of Chicken Meat, Served on Black Plate. Ayam suwir is a traditional Balinese dish. We usually can find this dish in nasi campur Bali for breakfast and in Nasi jinggo for dinner. Prep Time5 min Cook Time35 min Total Time40

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Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu Ayam Betutu. Balinese Roast Chicken Stuffed with Cassava Leaves. Ayam Betutu is originally from Gilimanuk Bali. This dish takes hours to cook and is very delicious. Prep Time10 min Cook Time2 hr 35 min Total Time2 hr 45 min Course Main Course Ingredients 1 whole chicken Bunch of cassava leaves 10 shallots 8

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Ayam Woku

Ayam Woku One of the famous spicy dishes from Manado, perfect for lunch and dinner. Best to serve with rice. Prep Time5 min Cook Time55 min Total Time1 hr Course Main Course Ingredients 500 Grams Chicken Thighs 7 Cloves of Shallots 4 Cloves garlic 7 Pieces of Thai Chilli 3 Pieces of red chili 1

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Ayam Goreng

Ayam Goreng Ayam Goreng is everyone’s favorite dish. Many region in Indonesia call Ayam Goreng with rice and vegetlable in different name, example in Bali it called Lalapan Ayam, in Jakarta it called Pecel Ayam, and in Banyuwangi it called Nasi Tempong Ayam. Prep Time5 min Cook Time25 min Total Time30 min Course Main Course

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