Beautiful Paper Flower Growing on Nusa Lembongan, Bali


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Did you know?

This relatively small island (just over 8 square kilometers) packs a powerful punch of biodiversity. It’s a haven for seaweed farmers, providing over 50% of Indonesia’s seaweed supply, who knew?

Hello, fellow wanderers and wonderers!

Can you smell the briny sea air, mixed with hints of lush, tropical foliage? If not, just imagine it, for that’s the stage for our afternoon stroll. I find myself on a wooden deck overlooking a shimmering turquoise sea.

Adorning my perch, a cluster of paper flowers demands my attention. They’re beautiful Bougainvilleas – a gardener’s delight! Their pink petals stand out sharply against the forest of jade-green leaves, as if competing for the spotlight. These photo’s capture a wistful story of pink blooms with a backdrop of lush trees, their delicate hues whispering tales of calm seas.

My lens focuses on an unexpected juxtaposition – sharp, thorny branches, peeking out from a sea of soft, purple paper flowers. There’s something inherently poetic about this contrast, a delicate balance between the harshness of life and the beauty that can bloom amidst it.

If you’re ever in Lembongan, be sure to take a walk and explore the island’s stunning natural landscapes.

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A Coastline view of Jungutbatu Village on Nusa Lembongan behind a collection of beautiful pink and purple Bougainvillea flowers.

What type of plant is the “paper flower?”

The paper flower plant belongs to the Mirabilis family and is a woody vine or shrub1. One of the most common types of paper flower is the Bougainvillea Glabra. It is sometimes called “paper flower” because its bracts are thin and papery.

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