Area: 743.4 km²Population: 475,357 (2020 Census)

In the tender light of Ambon’s morning glow,
In the delicate blush of sunrise, love begins to grow.
As pastel colors paint the sky and sea,
Ambon, your gentleness speaks to me.

Through quiet villages, I trace my path,
Feeling the gentle rhythm of your heart’s soft laugh.
Each face a verse, each smile a song,
In your warmth, my heart belongs.

I climb your verdant hills, drink in the sight,
Your beauty, Ambon, my soul’s delight.
From above, your chorus sings so clear,
In every rustling leaf, your voice I hear.

Into your clear waters, I dive,
A new world of beauty comes alive.
In coral’s dance and fish’s flutter,
A whispered ballad, no words could utter., CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In your markets, life’s sweet refrain,
In each stall, each face, love’s domain.
A taste, a touch, a look, a feeling,
Your everyday rhythm, so revealing.

On your beach, a picnic under the sun,
With every bite, a song begun.
The soft lull of the sea, the whispering breeze,
Your love song in each of these.

Birds take flight, a ballet in the sky,
Their freedom sings a lullaby.
In your nature, your soul unfurls,
A gentle melody that twirls and twirls.

Fishing with your people, the day grows old,
Each catch, a story to be told.
In the shared silence, in the shared endeavor,
A rhythm of togetherness, to treasure forever.

Under your starlit canopy, a silent prayer,
In your quiet, I find you there.
A gentle whisper, a soft refrain,
Ambon, in my heart, you remain.

Things to do in Ambon, Indonesia

  • Visit the World Peace Gong: This large gong in Ambon city is painted with the flags of many countries, symbolizing peace and unity. It’s a great spot for photography and reflection.
  • Explore Fort Amsterdam: This historic fort, built by the Dutch in the 17th century, is a must-see. It offers a glimpse into Ambon’s colonial past and boasts beautiful views of the bay.
  • Swim at Namalatu Beach: Known for its crystal-clear water and stunning coral reefs, Namalatu Beach is an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.
  • Trek to Pintu Kota Beach: This unique beach features a stunning natural rock arch (‘Pintu Kota’ means ‘City Door’). It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but the views are worth the effort.
  • Discover the Local Cuisine at a Pasar Malam: These night markets are the perfect place to sample Ambon’s culinary delights like sago porridge, papeda, and the locally beloved fish dish, ikan kuah kuning.
  • Tour the Siwalima Museum: This museum offers a deep dive into the culture and history of the Maluku Islands. It’s set in a lovely garden and is home to a collection of traditional boats, musical instruments, and artifacts.
  • Explore Laha Village: Known as the landing site of Allied forces in World War II, Laha village is a historical spot in Ambon with several memorials commemorating the event.
  • Hike Up the Peak of Mount Salahutu: For the adventurous, a hike up this mountain will offer panoramic views of Ambon and the surrounding islands.
  • Visit the Martha Christina Tiahahu Statue: This monument pays tribute to a national hero who fought against Dutch colonial rule. The statue is located on a hill and provides great views of Ambon city.
  • Enjoy Local Music Performances: Ambon is known as the city of music in Indonesia, with local musicians often performing in parks and cafes. Make sure to catch a live performance of traditional Maluku songs.

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