Stunning doorways and gateways located in Ubud; the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali island.  Traditional Balinese gateway found in Ubud. A beautifully decorated Hindu Balinese doorway.

Man made sculptures and sites in Ubud, Bali as they are devoured and overcome by the powerful and brilliant tropical elements of mother nature.  Blending into nature, covered in moss. A little purple flower blooms in the forest near Ubud. A little purple flower grows in the shrubs that lie on the steps of the …

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Ubud Bali showcasing streets, temples, statues, nature and architecture in all of its traditional beauty and authenticity.  Balinese architecture at a temple in the heart of Ubud, Bali. Lion statues guard the entrance to a temple in Ubud. Loving nature is finding beauty everywhere. A swimming pool in the thick of the forest. Back roads …

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An entrance way located in Seminyak, Bali, decorated with mandala engravings and a variety of geometric mouldings.  Glass looking through an interestingly designed doorway. A simple mandala carved in stone. Drawings in minerals. Art is a free form of expression. Balinese architecture in Seminyak. Bali is an island full of little treasures such as this …

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The top of an entrance way to a Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia. It is decorated with three Barong faces. The Barong is a mythological Balinese creature who is king of the spirits and is the leader of the hosts of good.  architecture of the temple building is so beautiful

The outside of a Balinese house and their family temple, surrounded by plants and wild flora.  balinese house sacred place thorny pink paper flower growing in the holy place

View of a traditional entrance to a Balinese home. This entrance is guarded by a Hindu statue as well as religious offerings.  Entrance of Balinese Traditional House

Different entrances to traditional Balinese homes, each protected by Hindu statues, as well as a place holder for offerings called Canang.  ganapati statue as a protector 2 ganapati statue as a protector gate with Balinese carved door penjor, a gate full of carvings and ganapati statue the gate and statue of merdah malen

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