Tasty Local Recipes and Knowledge

Vegetable Recipes

Vegan Lawar

Vegan LawarLawar is a side dish of Balinese food. Many kinds of Lawar around Bali,…

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Sayur Asam

Sayur AsamSayur asam close up in white bowl over wooden table background. Typical Indonesian cuisineThis…

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Rujak Bulung

Rujak BulungThis dish is originally from Bali and it contains a lot of collagen from…

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Rice Recipes

Nasi Uduk

Nasi UdukThis is a recipe using a rice cooker to cook and if you don’t…

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Nasi Liwet

Nasi LiwetThis dish is originally from West Java and this is a recipe using a…

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Noodle Recipes

Mie Seblak

Mie SeblakIndonesian famous food Seblak, made from wet crackers and vegetables and spices.This dish is…

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Mie Ayam

Mie AyamMie Ayam is one of the famous street food in Indonesia, and you can…

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Mie Aceh

Mie AcehThis dish is originally from Aceh, Sumatra. You can find different versions of Mie…

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Sambal Recipes

Sambal Matah

Sambal MatahA portrait of Sambal matah, Bali traditional sauce. indonesian condement. close upSambal Matah is…

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Sambal Embe

Sambal EmbeSambal Embe is Balinese sambal, can be found in nasi campur Bali, nasi ayam…

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Desserts and Beverages


KleponKlepon tastes like mochi with palm sugar inside, this is one of the popular snacks/desserts…

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Ice Loloh

Ice LolohIce Loloh is originally from Bangli, Bali, and is a very healthy beverage. This…

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Ice Kuwut

Ice KuwutThis Beverage is originally from Bali, and it is easy to make at home…

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Ice Daluman

Ice DalumanEs Cincau Hijau or Green Grass Jelly Cincau Ijo, Indonesian Dessert Made from Cincau…

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Seafood Recipes

Sate Lilit

Sate LilitSate Lilit is originally from Klungkung Bali. This dish is used to serve only…

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Ikan Balado

Ikan BaladoIkan Balado is tasty and healthy, it will become a family favorite. This dish…

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Chicken Recipes

Kare Ayam

Kare AyamKare Ayam is Indonesian chicken curry and is usually served on Eid day. This…

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Ayam Woku

Ayam WokuOne of the famous spicy dishes from Manado, perfect for lunch and dinner. Best…

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Ayam Suwir

Ayam SuwirAyam Sisit or Ayam Suwir is a Balinese Cuisine Made from Spicy Chunks of…

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Ayam Goreng

Ayam GorengAyam Goreng is everyone’s favorite dish. Many region in Indonesia call Ayam Goreng with…

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Beef Recipes

Sate Maranggi

Sate MaranggiSate Maranggi, Indonesian Traditional Satay Recipe with Sweet Soy Sauce. Popular in West Java,…

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RendangRendang, Traditional Food from Padang, Indonesia. Made from Beef and Various Kind of Herbs. Very…

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RawonRawon, Indonesian Traditional Beff Black Soup from East Java. Served on a Bowl wth Shrimp…

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Empal Gentong

Empal GentongClose Up Empal Gentong Cirebon. Traditional Beef in Coconut Milk Soup from Cirebon, West…

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Goat and Lamb Recipes

Tongseng Kambing

Tongseng KambingThis dish is one of Indonesian favorite dishes, many Indonesian serve this dish on…

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Sate Kambing

Sate KambingThis dish is originally from Madura and can be found easily in the street…

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RabegRabeg is a typical food from Banten, West Java. This dish used to serve only…

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Pork Recipes


UrutanUrutan is a Balinese traditional sausage. This dish is usually served with rice, Babi Guling…

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Siomay Babi

Siomay BabiThis dish is one of Indonesian Chinese cuisine that is popular around Indonesia and…

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Babi Kecap

Babi KecapThis recipes is easy to make and only use garlic, ginger and star anise…

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