Desserts and Beverages

Ice Daluman

Ice Daluman Es Cincau Hijau or Green Grass Jelly Cincau Ijo, Indonesian Dessert Made from Cincau Leaf with Coconut Milk and Palm Sugar. Popular for Breakfasting during Ramadhan. Ice Daluman is one of the Balinese beverages and is also known as Ice Cincau in Java. This beverage is sweet and refreshing. Prep Time15 min Cook […]

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Ice Kuwut

Ice Kuwut This Beverage is originally from Bali, and it is easy to make at home and very refreshing. This drink is very suitable to drink on a hot day with family and friends. Prep Time15 min Cook Time30 min Total Time45 min Course Drinks Ingredients 300 grams shredded melon/honey dew 300 grams shredded young

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Batun Bedil

Batun Bedil Batu Bedil is originally from Bali and can be found in the traditional market in the morning in Bali. This dish has a nice sweetness from palm sugar and has nice chewiness texture. Prep Time10 min Cook Time50 min Total Time1 hr Course Dessert Snack Ingredients 200 grams glutinous rice flour 65 grams

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Ice Loloh

Ice Loloh Ice Loloh is originally from Bangli, Bali, and is a very healthy beverage. This is the simple recipe for an Ice Loloh that you can make at the home. Prep Time10 min Cook Time15 min Total Time25 min Course Drinks Ingredients bunch of ambarella leaves 1 cinnamon one tablespoon of tamarind 300 gram

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Klepon Klepon tastes like mochi with palm sugar inside, this is one of the popular snacks/desserts in Bali and Java and you can easily find it in the street food vendor in the morning. Prep Time10 min Cook Time55 min Total Time1 hr 5 min Course Dessert Snack Ingredients 300 grams glutinous rice flour 150

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