Beef Recipes


Bakso bakso beef recipe Bakso is one of the popular street food in Indonesia and you can find it easily in Indonesia. This is the Beef Bakso recipe, and you can replace the beef with chicken. Prep Time10 min Cook Time1 hr 35 min Total Time1 hr 45 min Course Appetizer Main Course Soup Ingredients […]

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Empal Gentong

Empal Gentong Close Up Empal Gentong Cirebon. Traditional Beef in Coconut Milk Soup from Cirebon, West Java. Served on Brown Ceramic Bowl Empal gentong is one of the typical dishes of the Cirebon region of Indonesia and is very flavorful. Prep Time10 min Cook Time1 hr 27 min Total Time1 hr 37 min Course Main

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Sate Maranggi

Sate Maranggi Sate Maranggi, Indonesian Traditional Satay Recipe with Sweet Soy Sauce. Popular in West Java, Indonesia This is the most popular dish from Purwakarta, as an Indonesian skewer dish, it has strong spices, sweet and umami taste. Prep Time15 min Cook Time1 hr 45 min Total Time2 hr Course Main Course Ingredients 500 grams

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Rendang Rendang, Traditional Food from Padang, Indonesia. Made from Beef and Various Kind of Herbs. Very Popular during Eid Mubarak Beef Rendang is the most popular dish in Indonesia. This dish is originally from Padang Sumatra and takes hours to cook. This recipe is easy to make at home and only needs 1 hour 35

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Rawon Rawon, Indonesian Traditional Beff Black Soup from East Java. Served on a Bowl wth Shrimp Cracker (kerupuk Udang) and Chilli Paste and Salted Egg This dish is originally from East Java and has black color. It used to be served for the king family in East Java and now can be found easily in

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